Tandem Paragliding Flights

If You are booking in less than 24 hrs.

1) Please contact us via

Cell Phone/Whats app/Wechat

to confirm availability for next day.

2) Please inform us where to pick up (Hotel)

and Confirm Pick up Time first.

3) Ask if you request a Coach to fly with, is available for your round.

Transportation to the launch site takes about 30 minutes drive through villages and beautiful Cedar-Pine forest all the way up to the top of Babadag mountain.

Total airborne time is min. 20-30 minutes until both pilot and passenger land gently on Oludeniz beach.

The passengers are insured from the moment they get on the transport bus to the launch site until the moment they land on the beach.


Please notice that a HANUMAN paragliding flight may be cancelled due to the bad weather conditions – your health and safety is our priority #1. In this case, your cancelled flight is re-scheduled for the closest possible date and time.

Changes in the weather conditions and wind direction are very important to ensure full safety and our specialists doublecheck them – before transportation to the takeoff point and just before takeoff.

Children under 5 years and adults with heart disease and weighing more than 100 kg are not allowed to fly.